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Personal Dog Grooming Services

If you’ve been searching for a mobile dog groomer in the Lenoir City area, you’ve come to the right place! Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming is a professional mobile dog groomer that offers a wide range of services, including haircut, styling, shave-down, bath, and nail trimming, to name a few… all in the convenience of your driveway!


Pricing is calculated by the weight, below are the estimated prices.

Prices can vary depending on the coat conditions, behavior or by selecting any of the Extra Services.

Nails Only Service:

  • For dogs up to 60 pounds and of the same house hold.
  •  Service call and first set of nails clipped is $40
  •  Additional dogs nails clipped $20 each


Full Groom:

Service prices above are for furry family who are groomed at every 8 weeks or less.

If your furry family hasn’t been groomed within the last 8 weeks by the time of appointment, an additional charge of $40.00 will be added.

Includes Nails, pads, ears, teeth, sanitary trim, hair cut, bath and cologne (upon request) plus a hair cut.

  • Up to 10 pounds $85
  • Up to 20 pounds $90
  • Up to 30 pounds $95
  • Up to 40 pounds $100
  • Up to 50 pounds $105
  • Up to 60 pounds $125


Short Hair Breeds Bath & Nails:

Includes nails, pads, ears, teeth, sanitary trim if needed, bath with Specialty Shampoo.

  • Up to 20 pounds $85
  • Up to 40 pounds $95
  • Up to 60 pounds $105

Specialty Shampoos:

  • Odor neutralizing ( not for skunk spray)
  • Medicated Oatmeal
  • FURminator Deshedding

Available Extras

  • Add-on nail clipping scheduled at time of appointment $20.00 each
  • Poodle Feet $5/$10

Things to Note

  • Most furry family are groomed at the pricing listed
  • I do not groom dogs that have fleas
  • Rabies vaccine must be up to date before our appointment
  • If you have a larger dog, they need to be familiar with being walked on a lead
  • I do not groom dogs that need to be muzzled to be groomed
  • I do work with high anxiety and rescue dogs
  • Most grooms usually take 1 ½ hours or less
  • I am unable to service some breeds due to insurance reasons and hair types.  These include, but are not limited to Chow, Rottweiler, Samoyed, Golden Doodle and Standard Poodle.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." -Josh Billings

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